Flaming June

Now I own a museum issued litho of Flaming June. Not a full sized one. That thing’s huge. But a very decent sized one that hangs on my wall above the television. It’s possibly one of my most favourite pieces of artwork.

Hannah sent me a beautiful picture of a man that reminded me of this painting. Not sure of the photographer meant that to happen or if it is just the composition and colours that did it for me. Either way, gorgeous composition. I’ll put zoom on it so you can see the details.


I have a lot of art in my house. Not all of it classical. Or rather not traditionally classical. I have a few James O’Barr. A LOT of Ursula Vernon. A Ren Ung and a few other pieces by varied artists as well as photos. The walls here are chaotic at best.

But see, it gives me such… colour.

What are some of your favourite pieces of artwork? Something you’ve seen on the internet? Something you’ve purchased on a whim? *grins*

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  1. Juliana

    My favorite artwork is The Rape of Proserpina by Bernini, a huge sculpture depicting Proserpina’s abduction by Pluto. I was able to see it, and buy a big poster, when I was in Rome for my study abroad!

  2. Sadonna

    My favorite artist is Vermeer. I want to see all the known Vermeers in person before I die. I think I’m at 26 and there are only 34 and one was stolen and has never been recovered. I second Juliana’s love of Bernini! Those sculptures at the Galleria Borghese are beyond amazing as is the Ecstasy of Saint Theresa at the Santa Maria Della Vittoria. I always said I could live in art museums and book stores and be completely happy 😉 The most spontaneous and decadent thing I’ve ever done was fly to LA and back in a day just to see an exhibit that was only at the Getty before it left the country. I had a SW rapid rewards ticket, so it cost me $10 for the airfare 😀

    My own art collection is pretty eclectic. I have a thing about the four seasons and have three different sets of four seasons as depicted by a French Canadian artist that I got in Quebec City, a set of train posters from the local train line, the South Shore Railroad and a beautiful set of prints from Canadian artist Sue Coleman that I got in Victoria, BC while on vacation some years ago. I also have her Swan prints on the wall in my living room. I have so much art, I can’t even display it all. I’ve got huge Dali prints that I got in Paris in my TV room and I’ve got prints of my avatar pic and it’s companion as well that I got at the Madison Art Fair on the Square that I go to every summer.

    Then there is the glass, the pottery (my great aunt’s antique Roseville and Van Briggle pottery as well as the stuff I buy at art fairs) and the jewelry and the Turkish rugs. Now that I think about it, I really need to add a couple more riders to my home owner’s policy!

    1. And where is the rest of my post? SIghs.

      Love Vermeer. Stealing art is like stabbing a knife into humanity’s heart. Fucking asshats. *nods*

  3. ruslana

    that ass!!!!! I must say I’m more into classical art than anything else. either then that , what ever catches my eye like that ass! 😉

  4. My favorite is Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Love it. I’ve been to Italy a few times and although I’m not into religious art, Michelangelo’s sculptures are stunning. I’m also a fan of landsape painters like Albert Bierstadt, JMW Turner and others.

  5. Treasure

    I didn’t get the Flaming Jane reference until you posted the picture. I do see the influence. It’s funny how things end up sometimes. While I enjoy a lot of different art out and about, in my own home there is no art on the walls. Did’;t intend for that happen, it just did

  6. Anna

    I love Flaming June. The vibrant colors and her pose, just stunning.
    I want a dress like that. 😀

    I saw a postcard of it a few years back and instantly fell in love. Bought it, put it in a plain wood pictureframe and it still stands in one of my bookshelves. I don’t have art on my walls, only posters.
    I could have bought a poster, but I’ve never found one in a store here and didn’t want to go to the trouble of ordering it online. If a mere poster is even being produced.

    I’ve come to like sculptures since I’ve leafed through two huge tomes with photographs of them. I’ll have to hunt for that book, didn’t jot down the title and since the memory card of my phone died I can’t even look at the crappy pictures I took.

    For example this:

    I like the way they hold each other, how she arches up to kiss him.

    Can I say I like looking at people? Because people are pieces of art. Some are so beautiful you can only marvel at them.

    1. oh i love that statue. the transluscence is incredible. god.

      i got a litho of flaming june so the colours are very vibrant. totally worth the money.


  7. Patricia

    Don’t get me started. Van Gogh. Saw an exhibit of oils by Monet. Saw a Renoir that stopped my heart, in the Louvre. It was such a tiny painting. The cityscapes of Georgia O’Keefe. The Ashcan School of painting, gritty streets of urban America. Like I said, don’t wind me up. My son has even helped me appreciate tagging graffitti art….

  8. StephanieS

    I saw the Smithsonian’s American Impressionism exhibit in MN a few years back, and the Garden in May, by Maria Oakey Dewing stopped me in my tracks. She achieved moisture & luminosity. I’ve never seen anything like it. They released a printing of it and I was very lucky to get one. I also enjoy Jack Vettriano as he can be romantic, dark, risque, and sinister all at the same time. I like Norman Rockwell, Van Gogh, and others. There’s also sculpture, folk art, grafitti art, computer art, textiles, etc. I cannot imagine my world without it.

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