Jordan L. Hawk and her Demons. Sorta.

Hunter of Demons (Spectr, #1)Hunter of Demons by Jordan L. Hawk

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I’ve been meaning to get in here and write a review for this book and with the release of the second one, time to really get off my brain and just do.

I enjoy Jordan’s writing. Hands down, she’s got a tight, descriptive style that pulls a reader in and places them in the middle of the story. She writes storylines where the characters are complex but approachable and she has a good sense of balance with regards to their personalities. They are living on the pages. Excellent pacing and fantastic tension.

What I loved about this book was the “possession” element. Gray is as much a character as the main couple and he does have a significant impact in the book. It’s a great developed third wheel in what should have been a book about a supernatural hunter/agent and the paranormal-ish man he’s run across.

So the second book just dropped and I went to get it before I came here. If that doesn’t tell you my priorities, I don’t know what does.

I can count on Jordan to tell me a good story. Actually I can count on her to tell me a damned fantastic story. Hunter of Demons is just the beginning of what looks to be a great series. Don’t lose out on reading it. Really, get this and I’ll go prod her about getting the sequel to Widdershins while you’re busy. Jordan L Hawk is addictive. Trust me on that one.

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Hunter of Demons:

Master of Ghouls:

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  1. *hugs* Thank you! 😀

    (PS: I hope to have the sequel in my editor’s hands by the end of the day! So yell at me if you see me on the internet this afternoon, lol.)

    1. All complaints about the too-shortness of Jordan’s books and how quickly she writes them must be forward to the comment above you. *grins* I just am the pimp. Heh….

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