More “Cole”

Apparently some people have issues with his hand being in the waistband of his briefs/pants. Hey, he’s selling them! He’s a model. *grins* He’s doing what they tell him to do…. um…. sorry, got distracted.

18 thoughts on “More “Cole”

  1. Angel

    Yeah, you go ahead and believe that;) Mind, I love his cut abs…would love to lick tequila off them…just saying.

  2. ivarisha

    He’s not skinny, as Asian boys mostly are. He’s not meaty as Western boys usually are. He’s just perfect. IMHO 😉

  3. Treasure

    It’s funny the different pictures we get in our heads even when we read the same thing. He’s not what I pictured for Cole. Almost more Mike at least in my head. And the hand in the underpants thing? Some seem to be able to pull that off better than others. To me he looks like he’s trying to reassure himself it’s still there

    1. He’s kind of where I started off with. Then Cole sorta changed in my head. *grins* But still, the body… damn. He probably IS closer to Mike but um… Mike’s shorter. Maybe a bit more square shouldered.

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