Just a Taste. Laundry. Dirty et al.

coleReaching for him was easy. Holding him close was even easier. Jae folded into me, curving his body against my chest and wrapping his arms around my waist. It felt good to have him tuck his head under my chin, and the tickle of his hair in my nose was a sublime pleasure. It was like having a full-body orgasm encasing me in its tight grip.

24 thoughts on “Just a Taste. Laundry. Dirty et al.

      1. Christina

        Dirty Deeds? You mean there will be book no 4?? You made my day! Is it going to be about Cole and Jae?

      2. There will probably be five or six books in the Dirty Series as well as Bobby’s standalone book from his POV 😀 Book 3 will be out in April. I’ve finished up Whiskey & Wry, the sequel to Sinner’s Gin and am now working on Fish and Ghosts, a paranormal contemporary…ish. *grins* Dirty Deeds is next on the queue to be written. I’ve already started blocking it out in pixels.

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