6 thoughts on “Kim Jaejoong. One Kiss.

  1. ivarisha

    I so love this song. And he sing it with such emotion!
    Hope they make a dvd for this concert.

  2. Treasure

    Here’s what I don’t get about this album and how CJes is handling it. Kim Jae Joong by any definition is a very successful star, and still rising. He’s also maturing and has a very successful rock album that has him crossing over into another market segment and into the states. But they repackaged the album and added pop/dance tracks, and auto tuned him. If ever there was a singer that didn’t need to be auto tuned it’s Kim Jae Joong, but I digress. To my admittedly american sensibilities it seems like the company is holding him back and insisting he stay within the same market, not expand into additional markets.

    1. Ah, repackaing and stuff like that is SSSOOOOO normal. *grins* Heh. I can’t count how many repackaged I have. *laughs* CJES pretty much lets them do whatever they like. It’s more of a holding management but the boys themselves are directing their careers, unlike when they were in SM. *nods*

      It’ll be interesting to see what JYJ comes out with this next time since Jaejoong’s written a lot of that music.

  3. Patricia Grayson

    So talented, he shows how good his voice is despite hand held ?phone recording.

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