Who’s Got The Map?

Problem with the internet is you get to hear all us writers whining. Okay so you get to hear me whining. Isn’t that fun? Heh.

It’s the beginning of March in Southern California and I’m looking at a bright blue sky. We’re probably going to be in the mid to high Seventies today… temperature not decade and I am about 10 songs and 1 epilogue away from ending Whiskey and Wry.

So, where do we go from here?

It’s been a rough year. Laid off, conventions, convention stress, family issues, personal boo-wigglies and whatnots made for a rough Year of the Dragon. Harsh really. Some floundering and a near skipping miss of crazy. Trust me. I’ve danced enough on that razor edge to know when I’m about to suck its edge and cut my soul.

While coffee can’t cure everything, it does help.

Year of the Snake has started and a job has to be on the horizon. Starbucks could be hiring. Hmmmmm. *grins* I’m not successful enough to do this writing gig full time and let’s face it, the cat’s gotta have his insulin.

But on the writing front, what’s after Whiskey and Wry?

I’m going to dance off field and scribble up a contemporary/semi-paranormal before heading back to Cole and Jae. I’ve been immersed in killing, blood and angst for a bit and kind of need a break. In between Dirty Laundry and Whiskey & Wry, I’ll probably be self-pubbing Black Dog Blues since there’s really not a LOT of love for Kai in the publishing world. BDB doesn’t have enough smex in it (yet) to pub to the romance section and he’s too bisexual/gay for indie fantasy press. Or maybe he just sucks but damn it! I like him. *grins* So I’ll put him out there so he can at least breathe and say he’s out there. So that’s on the horizon. There will be sex in it at some point. Dunno when but it IS a series. *grins* So hopefully soon. Or maybe he can have a quick romp towards the end of the book.

This is why I write. Because I can’t leave well enough alone.

There will be laundry. And the side wall to our yard is being redone. I have coffee, a lovely almost chocolatey dark roast with crème brulee creamer. Really, life isn’t that bad. The dogs are asleep and the cats are off basking in the sun someplace.

The good thing about this year… well one of many things… has been all of you. Really. If you’re reading this, thank you. Fucking thank you. I keep saying I couldn’t have gotten here from back there without you and I mean it. You all are like pop rocks. Fizzing bursts of surprising fruity goodness.

So thank you. And I’m off to write songs for this damned band. *grins*

21 thoughts on “Who’s Got The Map?

  1. Leigh

    What a wonderful post, Rhys! **HUGS** and the most well wishes for the snake to be a better year for you! Sorry that the past one has been so tough. Know that you have brought much happiness to all of your fans, though. We are so glad that you DO write b/c it’s awesome and beautiful, and you are so damned good at it. Looking forward to anything that you decide to share with us! xoxoxo

  2. Patricia Grayson

    Keep it up–publish Black Dog Blues. He’s worth it.
    And your Year of the Dragon wasn’t so bad — you got that tattoo and it’s fine!

  3. Treasure

    I read Dirty Kiss for the first I think April last year when I was on a work break, In that year you have introduced me to Kim Jae Joong, Hyde, and from there to Kim Bada, Gackt, Dire En Grey…a job well done.

  4. Aniko

    Thank YOU for such wonderful characters and fantastic stories. Hope the Year of the Snake brings many good things your way. Can’t wait to read what you have in store for us this year!

  5. Sounds like your map had a rip in it. Probably from a Dragon claw. Any way, I only discovered you in the fall of last year, what a great discovery it was! Sinners gin became my #1 book , then Dirty Kiss . 🙂 All I can say, is onward and upward.

  6. Sadonna

    Well there has definitely been a lot of good in the last year as well. I mean we got to meet you at GRL! I had a shit birthday that Tina helped pull out of the slimy gutter with my Dirty Kiss t-shirt 😀 Dirty Secret was amazing! Whiskey and Wry! My dear if you had a year of lemons, you sure made some damn good lemonade!

    I can totally relate about last year – complete and unmitigated disaster on a lot of fronts. I’m just having to regroup and start over and hopefully this year will be better – for both of us! And hey, Dirty Laundry will be awesome as well 😉

  7. seijikat

    I think you are a crazy good author, I think you a rising star (one that is rising crazy fast) and I think you are a wicked cool and sweet person. (Y’know, as much as I can divine your personality from what I get off your responses to me off of your journal posts and responses to me off the ‘net but still..XD)

    You are one of the few authors whose blog feed I check a few times a day, even if I don’t comment, because I love your posts.

    I think this year is gonna be your year. \o/

    1. Oh you are adorably sweet and thank you. *hugs*

      Pretty much what you see here is me. I’m not one for frills and pretty much flail my way through life. I try to be polite, take my vitamins and cheer people on. ’cause you know…that’s only gonna make life good.

      thank you for being here, love. muchly.

      1. seijikat

        “I’m not one for frills and pretty much flail my way through life. I try to be polite, take my vitamins and cheer people on. ’cause you know…that’s only gonna make life good.”

        Same here. **cheers you on** I wish you the best with the series! <3

  8. I’m DYING for Whiskey and Wry. DYING! So you just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re fabulous and write what you want, when you want and keep your heart … and mind happy and at peace. It’s what matters most.

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