Nom and Onions.

So… today… well on this post, I’m just going to leave some pretty boys. Because you know… pretty. And boys. This counts as “research”.

In other news, I had a teriyaki burger for dinner and damn the onions are strong. I love onions. These are like ONIONS! I AM A FUCKING ONION!

I could defend Tokyo with my breath right now. *grins*









18 thoughts on “Nom and Onions.

  1. seijikat

    Oh, Gackt. <3 Back when he had nice hair, too. ;P Yay for pretty, pretty boys! ^____^

    *runs away from onion breath*

    Oh hey, I went to a Tiki bar the other night and they had tater tots and cheese curds on the appetizer menu. Only in Minnesota, I swear…

  2. Adriana Ruud

    Prettier than pretty and those mouths…never really paid attention before but r this luxurious mouths a common trait in Asian men? The r the stuff dreams r made off…would like the one in the white shirt and pendant for the week end is the catch and release program still going on? πŸ˜›

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