Yes Virginia, There Is An Excerpt.


This could be considered a bit of a spoiler. Not a big one. The boys haven’t seen one another for a bit. Cole’s a bit emo because of it.

I can’t say I’ll post another excerpt. Mostly because I won’t be able to without spoiling SOMETHING in the plot.


hot_gay_kiss_thumb[2]Dirty Laundry Excerpt

I shooed them out at five. They went reluctantly. Apparently sharing a wifi network at home meant splitting it with the rest of their siblings. Here at McGinnis Investigations, Mo and Sissy were the sole riders of my bandwidth train. It affected Mo so much he offered to move into the conference room and sleep on a cot if I needed him too.

So, I assured him there wasn’t any need. That’s when he upped his offer to include mowing the lawn and mopping the floors. It was tempting and as I wavered, Sissy yelled at him to get into the damned car.

Being a smart young man, he got into the damned car.

Locking up behind them, I was making plans in my head to loop around to speak to Eun Joon’s husband when I spotted a battered white Ford Explorer parked behind my Rover. I stood staring at it, waiting for it to disappear into a haze of smoke or sparkling laughing demons when I blinked.

I blinked. Car was still there. My heart was not. It’d decided to hook little barbs into my lungs and throat to climb up to the base of my brain. It lodged there, whispering carelessly about throwing itself onto glass shards of doubt. I told it to shut the fucking hell up and headed down the walk to my house.

And found a broken angel had fallen down onto my stoop.

He looked good. I’d not seen him in over a week and seeing Jae…hurt. It was more than just a pretty face and a lean body I could make sing under me. I missed the shy smiles he gave me when our eyes met while we watched television or the murmuring complaints he made when I stole a raw mushroom when he cooked. I wanted my Sunday mornings lounging in bed with our toes tangled together to protect them from the cat and the taste of his mouth when I kissed him after he’d had his first cup of tea.

My heart no longer whispered. Instead, it wept because it damned well wanted to be stroked and reassured it still had a home in that man’s hands.

I crossed the long cement mile separating us. It was over in an instant but seemed like a forever. After not seeing him for too many days, my rapier wit and smooth charm was sharp and ready.


“Hi.” Ah, his cunning mind served him well.

Standing up, he brushed grit from his jeans. They were one of my favourite pairs, so thin in spots the denim was nearly translucent and with tears across his knees and thighs. He picked at them when he worked, playing with the strings hanging from the rips. The shirt he wore was one of mine, a vintage Dr Pepper tee I picked up someplace. The faded purple red was nice against his pale skin, nearly the colour of the bites I could make on his throat when I wasn’t careful.

And God I was tired of being careful.

“Why didn’t you go in?” I opened the front door and held the screen open for him.

“It was nice outside. Thought I would get some fresh air and wait for you.”

“Your cat must be going crazy inside.”

“Have you been feeding her?” Jae ducked around my arm but his hand brushed over my belly. My stomach muscles clenched and my dick saluted him as he went by.

“Yeah, or she’d eat me alive as I slept.”

He laughed, a burbling rough sound he also made when I hit the delicate core of his body with my cock. “Then no, she’s probably been too happy to miss me. She is pretty much a stomach with fur.”

I’ve missed you.”

Yeah, it was cheesy — long gushing cheesy romance stuff that I was never good at but it was the truth. He turned, pausing long enough to breathe and lick his upper lip with his tongue. A storm flicked up in the air between us, hot and crackling and full of a fire we’d banked between us for too many days for our bodies to count…or to care about anything but touching skin.

We made it about three steps into the house before my old Dr Pepper shirt hit the wood floor.



41 thoughts on “Yes Virginia, There Is An Excerpt.

  1. Treasure

    ohhhhhh it’s so hard to wait until April. So many questions…why were they separated, who is Eun Joon, and why does Cole need to speak to her husband, and is that the same vintage Dr Pepper t-shirt they trade back and forth in Dirty Secret? Aish! April is a long way away

  2. You are awesome! Thanks for this 🙂

    I hope Jae and Cole are ok. It seems like they reconnect fast so I’m hoping the separation wasn’t something bad…I know I’m not going to get answers but since Jae left Neko they must be ok. April is too far away!

    Love that Dr. Pepper tee making an appearance again. One of the sweetest scenes in the last book was Jae leaving that super lovely sticky note on it for Cole to wear.

  3. Treasure

    It occurs to me…working from sublime to ridiculous, that Kim Jae min and Kim Jae Joong are potentially related? it is possibly that my mind has wandered just a little too far today

      1. Treasure

        I think you could work it in as a plot point. Jae and Cole have to go rescue his cousin from some interesting but not to dangerous trouble he’s gotten himself into. when he and his group come to LA to perform.

  4. Mary

    I have fallen completely for Cole & Jae & anxiously await the next book. The sense of humor you infuse into the story has me laughing out loud. Thank you!

  5. Denni

    And here I just popped in this morning to nag and see if you had been writing for us 😉

    A lovely, sparkling little gem…thank you!

    1. *checks* Nope. Despite the ads that want me to make my penis bigger, I have not grown one yet 😀 *hugs* I hope this doesn’t change how you feel about me. *wibbles*

      1. Karin

        No wibbles allowed Rhys m`dear 🙂
        No my opinion is still the same, your one helluva writer and don’t you dare stop. Xxxx

  6. Leigh

    OMG – I LOVE it!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! I can’t wait! Rhys – you are so awesome for sharing these beautiful, amazing characters w/ us! Thank you for the extra excerpt!! 😀

  7. seijikat

    OMG, yes yes yes! This totally made my evening. I am so looking forward to the upcoming release! <3

  8. Patricia Grayson

    Yes for so long I labored under delusion Rhys is a man — what a twist to find that’s not so!

  9. It is in point of fact a great and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing

  10. Kym

    I should not have enjoyed this small tidbit! Now, I’m STARVING for more! Not to be “pushy”…but, when will the follow up to Sinner’s Gin be out?? Huh huh huh???

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