More Pretty…

These are sitting on my desktop and I wanted to move them onto the blog so I can get back to writing without the distraction. Bad enough I have pink-haired G-Dragon peeking out at me from behind the transparent windows.

More Kim Jaejoong. I should post something of his that moves too.







16 thoughts on “More Pretty…

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Even more stunning. Really. What a nice “night cap” for sleeping. Midnight.

  2. Tiery

    Wow…I think the second one is my favorite. I love this man. You already know this, lol, but I’ll gladly tell anyone that again. ^^

  3. Treasure

    even in the cold morning light he is pretty. But in some of those pictures he looks like he needs some bacon cheeseburgers

    1. You can usually tell when he’s working too hard when he gets a bit too lean in the face. *grins* That’s usually when fans say… um… dude, sleep and eat. No more coffee for you. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. seijikat

        It’s ok, gives me more to stare at for research purposes. XD

        Looking forward to the next Dirty book so much! <3

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