You know I am by nature, a creature of habits. I hate visual change. And I’m also lazy. I keep looking at this blog and saying… I need to BRAND it. I’ve been messing with it all day and right now, I’m all… I’ve a book to write. Who gives a shit what this place looks like.

Pretty much how I feel about dusting too.

10 thoughts on “Change.

    1. Well yeah me too but I did JACK yesterday. Except run around and do errands. rinse and repeat today too. *sighs*

  1. Denni

    I like your header, and IMO this is one of the funnest author websites/blogs around…so get writing already!

    1. After all the fucking around I did with graphics and themes and colours… all I ended up changing was the Header 😀

      1. Denni

        I thought it looked different late yesterday, but I’m battling a head cold and could have been hallucinating lol!

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