Dong Bang Shin Ki

For a few years, Korea had a fantastic group named Dong Bang Shin Ki. Well there are many ways to romanize that name so I’m just going to use this one. Three of the members broke off from the entertainment company and while they didn’t want to leave the group, pretty much can no longer perform with the other two. However, this vocal group got me started in following Korean music.

I give you Love In The Ice.

8 thoughts on “Dong Bang Shin Ki

  1. ivarisha

    there’s no other group like Don Bang Shin Ki. They are the one and only. love them always

  2. saddy

    yes..dong bang shin ki had been one of the best vocal group i have ever heard…no matter what they do now,or they dont perform together anymore..the era of dong bang shin ki had been the brightest and it can never be forgotten.^^

  3. Treasure

    So then what happened? Did the three form their own group and record other music? Did the two recruit new members and go on?

    1. The three formed their own group… JYJ. And they always say they are JYJ of DBSK but the other two are performing under the name DBSK. DBSK really are the “Beatles” of the Asian world. I’ll post videos of both groups next.

  4. Oh my. Really lovely. I can’t get enough of live performances. Saw Chris Isaak a couple of weeks ago and going to see a bunch of acts tomorrow night including Tristan Prettyman and Ed Sheeran. I’m always just amazed.

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