Well… fuck.

I just tossed out about 4000 words from Whiskey and Wry. They just weren’t working for me. So of course I immediately looked around for something to make me a bit lighter in the heart.

Instead, I find this.

Now, I eat meat. I like meat. I have friends who are vegetarian and I support and respect their choices. I always provide food for them when there are meals at my house and anyone else who might have allergies knows that they will always be welcome in my home and find a good meal they can eat. That’s just… how it is here.

But this…. I’m at a loss for.

WordPress is being a douche.

15 thoughts on “Well… fuck.

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Okay, I didn’t like it much, and the older gentlemen, while I’m sure he’s a very nice chap, kind of made me wish for a Big Fat Steak. There. I’m a meat eater.

  2. Um, not sure what to say bout that. I don’t think that’s the most effective way to sell veggies though 😉 Something quite unappealing about a good deal of that.

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