Some back story. I have a very good friend named Bel-chan who lives in Singapore. Keep that in mind. Bel is very important. Okay not to the story but really, I adore her and she’s a delighful, kick-ass person.

Now, many Asians have a rep for bad driving. Honestly, it’s about 50-50 with my relatives. Okay maybe 60-40 with the 60 to the bad driver side but there’s a lot of us on the road so maybe it’s just some of us swerving to avoid the others.

So another friend of mine who is Chinese-American showed me this video tonight. I died. Because it was just so…typical of how all of us are. This man in the car? We’ve been there. We are him. Okay, my mother honestly would be the one backing in.

But really, that’s pretty much how we sit there talking to the person driving. I watched this for about five seconds and when he started talking, I immediately knew they were in Singapore. So I showed it to my friend in Singapore and she and I laughed over it on Twitter.

Why are we laughing? Because there really is so much of us in this video. The talking to Auntie as she backs up but she’s not related to us. It’s just what we call our elders. And oh, I love Singlish… the rather unofficial language of Singapore. A mixture of British, Mandarin and a few other things tossed in for good measure. Bel has ridden with me in the car. I speak like this to people as they drive. Although it usually isn’t this long or insistent but I do speak to them and wonder what they are doing. Bel says the man is speaking how she talks when she’s pissed. *grins*. I love her accent.

So, let me share with you the language of my people… as told by a Singlish speaking man waiting for another one of my people to park. Really, the man speaks for all of us Asians… but notice he does not honk the horn. Because that would be rude. *nods* And we must not be rude. *grins* Okay… Bel says he’s very polite for someone from Singapore. Regardless, oh I have felt this man’s pain.

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  1. Patricia Grayson

    Until he voluntarily stopped driving, my elderly (late) father used my Mom as his Shotgun Rider, to tell HIM when the cars were coming as they moved out into traffic from a side street. I didn’t know of that til AFTER. =shudders=

    1. Isn’t that always the case? Neither of my grandmothers drove but once my grandma tried and she hit the goat while backing up. Goat was okay but she was done. *nods*

  2. You know, not an Asian bone in me as far as I know, but I talk to people like that, took, or sometimes sing my words to the tune of famous 70s rock songs. I loved this!

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