39 thoughts on “Friday Free-for-All with Rhys Ford

      1. Heather C

        I got a shot in my ass today πŸ™ I would hug you back but I might be contagious

    1. Heather C

      Ohh you poor Aussie thing! It’s a needle shot. They gave me a steroid for my upper respiratory infection. And the worst part of it…I knew they guy who gave me the injection. I was sooooooo embarrassed!!

      1. June M.

        Hope your upper respiratory infection clears up! I hate getting those or severe sinus infections. Usually steroid injections do help me though.

      2. Heather C

        Thanks June. I go 3 days without my multi vitamin!! Or it could just be some crud I picked up in New Orleans over the weekend πŸ™

      3. He might of thought you had a hot ass!!!

        I dont think I would like a needle in the ass *shudder*

      4. Heather C

        He couldn’t decide which side he wanted to go for so finally I help up both of my arms and said “do what you gotta do!”

      5. Heather C

        Oh forgot to tell you, I recorded like 5 episodes of Tattoo Nightmares so will probably watch them tomorrow

  1. June M.

    Shots in the ass are no fun πŸ™
    Thanks for the giveaway and a Happy Friday & Weekend to all!
    And an early Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US πŸ™‚

    1. You entered at Cup O Porn, yes? They’re pulling the names. I’ve lost track of who entered and who hasn’t. *grins* Weekend for me is More Dirty Laundry.

  2. Treasure

    I’m so happy for you with all the comments you got a Cup of Porn. I’m hoping it turns into a ton of book sales, and inspired even more stories.

    1. And damn it, I hit post before I was finished.

      Thank you very much. *grins* It’s always good when people talk about disgusting food.

  3. Treasure

    And speaking of food disgusting or otherwise is Cole in mourning for his beloved twinkies? Now that Hostess is going out of business?

    1. I have faith for Cole’s sake that they will be saved. If they can save the auto industry, surely they can save Wonder Bread and the Twinkie.

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