6 thoughts on “Oh…and another thing…

    1. Yeah, I’m not all that sure what he was trying to say here but after a few of the pelvic thrusts, I wasn’t paying much attention. 😀

  1. Charlinda

    Omg I never thought about that lol. I was distracted from the pelvic thrusts too. I love watching Junus dance. I think he was the best dancer in DBSK. He just made it look natural and easy.

    1. He’s still the best dancer *winks* Jaejoong… bless his heart… tries but sucks when it’s choreographed and well, I think Yoochun would fall over into a gasping heap if he tried to duplicate what Junsu does.

  2. Charlinda

    Yes smh.. Jaejoong is my boo, but he’s really not the best dancer. I think his best dancing was in Mirotic. People say Yunho was the best dancer in DBSK, but for me it’s always been Junsu.

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