Dirty Series Amigurumi Giveaway Winner!

Direct from Swallowtt! (SHE LIES THEY ARE GORGEOUS!)

There weren’t too many entries.  Either my dolls aren’t captivating enough or those who bought the book were to shy to admit it.  XD  Anyways…from this LIST, Rhys Ford used a randomizer and came up with the number 3.  So…

Verena Mischinger, you are the winner.  Congrats!  Please tell me which doll you want.  Supply me with a picture of the person or character you want me to model it after.  A head-to-toe view if possible.  Either comment here with the link to the picture or email me at fluffipuff@hotmail.com with the subject “winner of doll giveaway”.

Thank you all who participated.  Enjoy the book.  Rhys Ford is an amazing writer.  So much love for her.  ^__^

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