So… Dinner…

I cooked a dish of manicotti tonight. It wouldn’t make a good picture. It’s delicious but really buried under so much cheese. So… yeah. Pretty much I could show you a block of cheese and we’d call it a day.

So instead, I’ll show you why I bought a couch.

Neko OWNS the couch. It is hers. Just so you know. Right now, in this photo, she’s staring at an interloper.

This is a pillow I use to support my back while I type. As you can see, not a fuck was given after it was taken away from me. Yoshi… yeah, my accidental cat.

5 thoughts on “So… Dinner…

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Neko and Yoshi are fine. I loved how you re-introduced Neko in the book and she came alive on the page.
    Who is that lovely man in the portrait behind your couch? More of a peek?

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