17 thoughts on “Ali, A Transgender Teen, Speaks…

  1. Patricia Grayson

    I liked this. It is making me think seriously about a lot of changes. Thanks, Rhys, for this valuable pair of videos, Ali and Joseph.

  2. I didnt pick up one male vibe..so why cant people accept her for who she feels she is. She makes the best point…its none of their business, shes not hurting anyone. Thanks for sharing Rhys xoxoxox

      1. HC is my FAVE GoodReads buddy – shes getting brave – starting to read things she swore she wouldnt 12 months ago….I knew I just had to wait her out hahaha

      2. She’s adorable. And I hear you might make a tour out here. If you all hit the So Cal coast, let me know… I owe you a hell of a cup of coffee.

  3. Sadonna

    Great story. I hope that more people see this. We need more stories like this told so that people will stop being afraid of what they don’t understand. Best of luck to her in college and beyond.

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