Monday? Is it still Monday?

Yaoi Con for me was actually a two part thing. One, I was attending as a useless slug of an author and two, it was a gathering of friends. Well, some of the other authors I knew were friends but there were actual close-life-knowing friends there.

We’d planned for months to have my friend Hoshi fly in from Texas to surprise my little sister, Ren. By we, I meant our darling sweetheart Bi and myself. Ren did not know Hoshi was coming in and we’d not seen Hoshi for quite some time. It was going to be a long weekend of laughter, food and lack of sleep.

All of that was accomplished. We were able to spend the Friday afternoon with Swallowtt, the maker of the amigurumi, with the intention of surprising Ren back at the hotel after she got off work. All of these things were accomplished. Along spending a lot of time in Little Tokyo, eating at a Japanese buffet, having pastries and strong coffee and boba while cheering on a little blond girl as she climbed rocks and ate ice cream.

Yaoi Con was more of the same. Met up with friends, cheered on pretty boys, cheered on the girls as they dressed up as Sam, Dean and Castiel…I need the pictures… I will post the pictures. Well, and I ogled the pretty blond bishi hired to play Jo Chen’s cop. Life’s rough. Very rough.

The hotel bar served Starbucks and I lived there for the whole weekend. I swear. One of the hotel’s bellhops…by the name of Robert… was very nice and asked intelligent questions about Yaoi and how it fit into the whole cosplaying thing. We talked and I encouraged him to go to Anime Expo. He has costumes and wasn’t sure how it would be received. Told him to go for it.

The valets were darling and took care of Tengu and we even got into Piggie Korean BBQ and ate way too much. Then stumbled back to the hotel at about 3ish. 330ish. Someplace around there.

Did I mention lack of sleep is key in this weekend?

I have to catch up on sleep in the next couple of days. Finish up writing some chapters, wash clothes, pack and do this all over again in ABQ. I’m going to be dead by the time November hits.

Oh… and then there’s Sinner’s Gin. *grins* But more on that later.

9 thoughts on “Monday? Is it still Monday?

  1. Patricia Grayson

    No Rhys, it’s Tuesday here, three a.m. And you’re inspiring me to write….write about dancing men. Thanks for your Yaoi Con stories. Good food, pretty boys.

  2. Alexandra

    Seriously, right! Having fun while I’m stuck at home..seriously, it sucks! LOL. 😉 Have a great time, Rhys. I like your name, btw, it’s different and unique.

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