Free Stuff! Books and Amigurumi! Enter, damn it! ^_^

Sheesh, soooo much free stuff. And Neko is demanding I get myself together and finish this book. But apparently there is time for a belly rub. So… there you go. Hers. Not mine.

First Giveaway

At The Novel Approach, Storm Press is doing a giveaway.

“In celebration of the anniversary for the first short story I ever wrote solo (Surrender, originally part of the Cast the Cards anthology), and GayRomLit, I’m offering a giveaway here at The Novel Approach! Comment on this post for your chance to win an e-book copy of my short story, Surrender, AND your choice of e-book from my backlist!

BONUS: For anyone who is attending GRL, just mention it in your comment. If you win, you’ll get the option of your choice of the print books I have in my back list instead of it being restricted to an e-book copy! You can then pick up your winnings at GayRomLit, since I’ll be there with you!

This giveaway will close on Monday, October 8th at 11:59pm PST (Pacific Standard Time), so leave a comment now and enter to win!”

Leave your comment at this post to win! Honestly, go enter. FREE BOOKS! What part of free books isn’t good? (Yes this whole thing is a link. I need coffee.

Second Giveaway

The Swallowtt / Dirty Secret Giveaway is open to international as well as domestic readers. So, if you want your own custom doll, enter to win.

ENTER! ENTER! More free stuff! Come on. Free stuff! And not from some creep in a chav-ghetto ice cream truck.

Did I show you Thor? She made me THOR! He’s fricking awesome. I love him so much.

Third Giveaway

Are you following @dreamspinners on twitter? If not, you’re missing out. Right now they are doing their OctoberGanza #TweetAway! Watch Dreamspinner Press’ tweets and score free books given away for one hour only! That’s right, ONE HOUR ONLY. Click on the link and download one of their many fabulous offerings. Dirty Secret and Dirty Kiss will be included in the TweetAway Bonanza.



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