Dirty Secret and Amazon

Apparently Amazon has run out of all of their paperback stock of Dirty Secret but will be ordering more. However, it is on sale at Dreamspinner as well.

I’m not sure what to think about it being out of stock on Amazon. Yay? Did they have only two books and my friend Tiff grabbed them? Did the lawn gnomes rise up and take over the warehouse and spirited off any purple covered books?

In other news, I made roast pork for dinner.

Link to Dirty Secret Paperback on DSP.

15 thoughts on “Dirty Secret and Amazon

  1. i doubt that amazon only had 2 copies. if they did and i got both…i must be one lucky duck. XD

    @Heather C: the early bird gets her worms…I mean…books. muahahahaha~

      1. Heather C

        I’m risking it and holding out until GRL. I’m mailing all the books I’ve already bought to my sister in ABQ so I don’t have to figure out how to get them all on the plane.

  2. Patricia Grayson

    Ordered my paper copy from Dreamspinner!! Yaay! It will be here when I return from Key West trip. Anticipation is the sweetest thing!

    1. I’m all… huh… they had TWO copies!

      I am very skeptical. I look at things sideways. Unless it’s coffee in which case it’s mine!

  3. Treasure

    Yeah! A Sellout! Can you get figures on how many copies sold release weekend? Like they do movie weekend box office numbers??

    1. I’m telling everyone they had two copies *grins* And my friend Tiff got them. *laughs* Nope, have no idea about the sales numbers. I won’t know until after the quarter sales come in. By then, I’ll be stressing about Sinner’s Gin *laughs* It’s a vicious cycle.

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