Dirty Secret Release Day!~

So today is Release Day. Dirty Secret is out to the masses for accolades and rotten tomatoes. Strangely enough, there’s really nothing I can do at this point. I had a small panic attack that I spelled chigae wrong last night but I checked the text and it’s okay. You can also spell it jjigae but that’s a quibble.

Nope, nothing to do but make coffee, bleed the cat so I can see how his levels are and reek of mackerel. It’s what Tam’s decided he wants to eat today. Yoshi is stalking his leftovers and the dogs are patiently waiting to go apeshit over the mail man in a couple of hours.

All in a day.

I keep saying thank you. Well, I mean it. Thank you. Pretty much thank you. Yep, I am a wordsmith.

There are a few giveaways going on. The Novel Approach has one for both ebooks and I’ll be doing a paperback giveaway on Goodreads.

Once again, the word of these getting out to the general m/m reading public has been your doing.

You all are the ones buying and reading the books. I just write them. Dreamspinner has graciously published them… I owe them a huge thank you as well but really when it’s all said and done, these books are yours. You make them happen and I am forever grateful for that.

Now if I could just stop smelling like mackerel, I’d be delighted.

20 thoughts on “Dirty Secret Release Day!~

  1. Jessica

    Woo-hoo! I can finally see what happens next for Jae, Cole, and everyone else! I’m excited to start reading it; I’m sure it will be phenomenal! Congrats on the publication. 🙂
    P.S. Yay, giveaways sound cool. Do you know when the winners will be announced?
    Now off to Cole and Jae…

    1. Um, the Novel Approach is in a few days? I haven’t checked the end date on that one. The Goodreads one will end on Oct 1. I’ll post that link once it goes live 😀

      And woooot!

  2. treasure

    I ‘m planning on being very self indulgent and reading it all this weekend. And try lemon juice to reduce the mackerel smell

    1. I have applied a lemon tree. Really. I have a lemon tree. Heh…. I think it’s just in my nostrils.

      Hope you enjoy. I am…. nervous. Today I am nervous. Heh.

  3. Ha-haaaa! I’ve been waiting for the new Dirty stuff, and I am goin’ to get me some! congrats on the release! (and yes, multiple thank yous notwithstanding, you most certainly are a word smith.

  4. Patricia Grayson

    That is a nice cover. I will be buying it in paperback now. I am so glad it’s published. I have no doubt whatsoever about loving this book.

    1. Yes he does know. He and I talked about it before I put it forward and he was touched Adrien was given a drive by. I HAD to. We were in Pasadena!

  5. Treasure

    A cliff hanger? Really? And just in case any one else doesn’t want to wait, Dreamspinner has a 20% off sale today.

  6. Bought it. Read it – in one veeery extended sitting. Loved it. Loved how we are really getting to see Cole and Jae’s personalities – the humor really shone for me. BUT that was a NASTY final line! We can expext Dirty Laundry when???

    1. I am working on Dirty Laundry RIGHT now. I’m a pretty good ways in so you hopefully won’t have to wait long. *grins* I’m glad you liked it! Ah, Jae. He’s a complicated little thing. I try to put a little humour in the book. Cole’s a bit sardonic but oh, he takes some hits.

      Heh…. *bows on the last line and grins*

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