Sleep is good.

I just came back from a four day weekend with a bunch of friends. Much food, music and well lack of sleep happened. I came home and crashed for 12 hours and am about ready to sleep some more. I do however have to begin Chapter Five, which I have but my brain’s not all that into it.

On a Tam Kitteh update, he’s getting fatter and happier. Also, all tuna is his. Just so you all know. With the exception of his nekkid belly, he’s looking well.


Neko however is totally unconcerned. Her care metre is set to -5.



4 thoughts on “Sleep is good.

  1. Patricia Grayson

    I am sending you zappy little *pings* of “write” “write” “write” to encourage and inspire. I am glad to hear that Tam Kitteh is comfortably at home.

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