Tam Kitteh Update: Saturday Morning


Woke up early and headed down to the Vet. They open at 7:30. We were there around 9. Tam ate a few ounces of tuna and was ravenous. We also brought them cookies. Always bribe the staff. It’s like taking red fish to the monks at temple. Always bribe the monks with food. They will take care of the spirits better.

I got as far as opening the tuna tupperware when his face was in it. So, I’m guessing he’s a bit hungry.

My sister’s cell phone doesn’t take the best pictures so bear with it. He’s actually pretty pitch black. Although right now he’s got a catheter on one side and bandages on the other from his previous catheter.

He is looking good. Flaky skin because he was dehydrated but doing well.

Now I am home with McDonald’s coffee I had to doctor and some food. I might actually write later now that I feel better about the cat.

But he’s all purry and happy. He was falling into a food coma. He was all.. belly is full! Sleep nao.

The tech who came to get him was quite proud she got him to nom some yogurt. With the tuna, she’ll get even more into him. He was quite happy. There’s also some chicken there but tuna seems to be the protein of choice right now.

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