Tam Kitteh

Tam Kitteh went to the hospital this moring. He will be there for a few days getting meds and tests. He was lethargic yesterday and dehydrated. They ran some tests and camelbacked him with fluids. Brought him home and he was comfortable. This morning the doctor called and said he is a very sick kitty. He has pancreatitis and diabetes but the latter could be secondary because of the inflammation in his pancreas. They are giving him insulin and other meds to help bring that under control. The biggest issue is that he does have an infection so he’ll be having a huge round of antibiotics.

He will be getting more tests and an ultrasound to rule out other things so I’m hoping it’s just the infection and the other two. All of those are manageable.

Send him good thoughts. We’ll go visit him tomorrow. He didn’t lose any weight from yesterday and he is drinking water and moving around. He does have some arthitis in his hip but he’s old so we’ll have to deal with that. The anti-inflammation drugs will help with that.

He’s been a very good kitty. Been poked, prodded, cold things stuck up his butt and now he’ll be shaved from stem to stern for tests. And all he does is purr and preen. The doctor is very shocked and amused he has no “flinch” reflex. She was concerned that he was blind and couldn’t see but no, he’s just Tam Kitteh. Most cats apparently have it when you approach their face. It’s an instinct to protect themselves.

Tam fears nothing. His world is rainbows, yogurt and scritches. What is there to fear? He has no clue about dangers in life. He has always been loved, protected and coddled.

To Tam, all strangers are friends he just hasn’t met yet. So, I’m hoping he comes home safe, sound and happy.

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  1. Poor little thing. ๐Ÿ™ For the arthritis, I’ve heard that acupuncture helps cats a LOT. I’m glad your little fella isn’t afraid, though! That’s the worst… when a kitty is sick, AND afraid. ๐Ÿ™

    I don’t know how you feel about healing oils, but Spirit Essences is supposed to be good for kitties, and they have a wide variety for every sort of ailment. I plan on getting some for our little guy once he has surgery.

    1. This is really the first time he’s ever been sick. Seriously, the past 12 years has been illness free so this was a bit of a shock. I took him in immediately yesterday after he didn’t want food. The vets are fantastic. Bodhi Vets are so great.

      We’ll see how he does tomorrow. Hopefully, he’ll perk up but so far, it looks manageable. We’ll know more tomorrow. And yes, accupuncture is fantastic. He’s very zen about everything so I’m not above having him take it. Just have to see where he is.

  2. treasure

    Holding a good thought for Tam. FWIW diabetes and chronic kidney is very easy to manage in cats email me if you want to know more

    1. We first have to see if the diabetes is actually something he has or is a result of the pancreas and the infection. We’ll know more in a few days. Once I have a better idea on what is involved, I might be hitting you up for pointers. He’s a good boy and very sweet. His kidneys were pretty clear in the xrays so hopefully he’ll be okay. Right now, he’s being pampered and is resting. But oh, the poor baby.

  3. Poor Kitteh! I will keep the darling in my thoughts and prayers. Miss my cat(s) alot…Luv the pics of Tam Kitteh. He looks very luvable! Take good care of him..
    hugs from your fan,

      1. Got my fingers crossed that he does come home soon! After all home is the best place to recuperate….Take care of him and the rest of the gang…
        hugs from your fan,

  4. Patricia Grayson

    What an unsual cat, with no fear. I’ll be praying for his healthy return to his home with you.

    1. The girls, they flinch like they should then rub up against your hand. I figure, that tells me that they’re secure in knowing they’re loved and all hands mean loving. We had a kangaroo rat get into the house once and Tam was lying in the middle of the living room floor. It ran over him and he sorta looked at it and went back to sleep.

    1. Heh. Tam’s doing well. Went to visit him today and he’s eaten some yogurt and got it all over his face. He’s stoned out of his mind. But purring. He’ll probably come home on Saturday. He’s getting a lot of antibiotics and meds so he’s in very good hands. Shaved belly and all. Thank you for asking after him!

      1. Glad Tam is doin so well! You will be sooo happy to have him home where you can love, love, love him. Nothin like a nekkid belly! Please post again for us so we know he is finally home and how he is doing! and those kitties they get the best drugs…hahahahaha!
        Hugs to you and Tam from your fan,

      2. This reply’s for Jo… hopefully you get it. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s hard to tell who gets the comments.

        Thank you for your concern and oh yes, we want him home *hugs*

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