Tattoos thereof….

This is actually going to be a personal post.

Yeah I know, all I’m a spew of personal here anyway but oh, more personal.

As some of you know, it’s my birth year and I intended to get a dragon tattoo to acknoweldge that. Because you see, I never really expected to get past 24, the second marking of my birth year. And here I am, well past that and still with a beating heart. Life is good. Get a dragon.

All of my other tattoos are my own art. But this time, I did really what was unthinkable to anyone who knows me. My sister was arranging for a friendship tat for her and her friends when my inker Rob (he’s the studio owner) asked me, when are you going to let me put my art on you?

There was this moment when my brain sifted through all of the information going through my head and thought… WTF… shit. Fucking hell.

I have trust issues. I know. I’ll wait for you to recover from the shock. But see, this is a personal thing. Very personal. This is a tattoo. It represents me. All of my ink is my own art. I KNOW what is going to be there. I CONTROL IT!

And there in my mind, I came to the realization that this really was the perfect storm. A chance to challenge myself and place.. trust in someone. Rob, whom I’ve known for years is a pretty famous inker. Lots of awards. Pretty much THE traditional artist in the area. I trust him. He’s fucking good. Damn fucking good.

So I placed my trust… the most intimate trust I can possibly ever have and said…

“Sure. Okay.”

Rob was fucking blown away. He’s been waiting YEARS for me to say yes. He never thought it would happen and here I was saying… yes.

So today I went in and he showed me the art. I agreed. It is gorgeous. I said Yes again. Let’s do it.

Couple and a half hours later, I have an outline. Trust me. That’s a hell of a lot of ink. We’ll do colour next appointment which is in ten days. It’ll match the koi on my left side. But god, this thing is HUGE.

And Rob is SO happy and excited to do this ink. It’s the highlight of his month. I know. He told me so. ::::grins:::

This runs from my hip, past the scar on my thigh and down to my knee. Over 20 inches or so. Hurts? Yeah, a bit. But God, can’t wait for it to be finished. Next appointment is the 21st of August. That’ll be the colour session. WOOOOOT!

Ink is behind the cut. I need some food.

16 thoughts on “Tattoos thereof….

  1. ooooh what colours is it going to be???? it looks like its going to be AMAZING.

    Must be something in the air – I just booked myself in for a wrist tattoo next Thursday and I paid my deposit. It will be my second tatt. I am like you and only get one if it has some meaning. This one is pretty odd and I know that no one else will have it in my town (maybe someone somewhere) its taken from a crystal tarot card.

    I want a dragon tattoo on the back of my neck, I have for over 10 years but I have never found the one that I want. It has to be perfect but nothing I see is quite right. I think I will find it when I am ready.

    1. It’ll be traditional colours. Like my koi. I’ll post pix when I’m done. Rob’s VERY excited. :::grins::: Probably reds, golds and greens. :::grins:::

  2. That is so freaking fabulous. I can’t wait to see the color! I and my oldest daughter both have unwanted home-made (so to speak) tattoos on our ankles. We’re talking about going in together to get them covered with something far more gorgeous. You’ve inspired me!

  3. ruslana

    Wow! Looks incredible. You’ll have to post the finishes product. I just got my first tattoo a couple of months ago and am totally hooked. The guy who did it was really talented cause he drew it on my should free hand. And it did not hurt that he was supper nice and cute. I keep talking about getting another one and my husband just rolls his eyes. But I am!!!!

    1. I will post the finished piece. Did about two hours of it yesterday. Hurt too much. The skin wasn’t healed up enough from the black. Doesn’t hurt as much today but God, it was burning. So, I’ll let it heal up and then we’ll have at it again. After a few shots of whiskey.

      1. ruslana

        I cheated! I took two motrins before I went in and it did not hurt too badly. Now I don’t know how bad it was supposed to hurt but all in all it was not that bad. That’s why I think I can live through another one.  And I was telling myself the whole time, “You had two kids, this is nothing!”.

    2. This one is about twenty inches long and about seven wide. Unfortunately it goes up over my hip area where I have scars so the skin is really thin. Hurts worse than the underside of my arm. I was all… yep… I’m done.

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