Ask me no Questions, I tell you no Lies.

So Dirty Secret is coming out Sept 28th. Honestly, I’m more concerned about its reception than Dirty Kiss. You see, DK had no expectations. I had no expectations. Now, there’s someplace to go. Up or… tragically, down.

Anyone who says they don’t worry about how their book is doing is a liar. Okay, I would be a liar. I don’t stress the one star reviews. They’re kind of a matter of pride that someone hated what you wrote so much that they had to go hunt it down and plaster a single gold star on it. Remember when getting a gold star meant something good? Now, we need five of them to make us sing and dance. Okay, five stars back then would have made me sing and dance too and then see if everyone got one.

Because that’s pretty much what it is… did everyone get one? Is this shit I’ve got on this paper any good?

No, it’s not the one stars that make my gut clench. It’s the 2.5 and 3 stars that make me fret. Why? Because something didn’t hit the reader.

I’ve read reviews where I’m told DK doesn’t reflect Asians and that we don’t actually speak that way (We do. Trust me. I’ll introduce you to my family). There was a dislike of the pair of cops having a conversation that actually happened in real life and the dislike of Jae because they didn’t see enough of how he thought (It’s a first person by Cole. I break a lot of rules but that’s a line I should cross).

It’s the nature of the business to like or dislike what you read. I know I do.  And I know that not every book is going to be well received by everyone but it’s the Meh reviews that kind of strike home.

Let’s face it, they voice a writer’s worst fears — mediocrity.

DK had a pretty good reception. Far better than I expected but I was overjoyed. Then it hit me that I’d have to do it again. Actually, more than once. A few more times in reality. That’s when I deployed the most infamous and beloved word a writer has.


My beta readers liked Dirty Secret. These are the same people who liked Dirty Kiss so I suspect them now. I love them. They are friends but now they are to be sniffed at like an open carton of milk that I don’t remember buying.

So where do I go from here? Dunno. Not looking for reassurances or platitudes. Really, shit’s going to go down as it goes down. That’s just the way of it. The book’s long gone and it’s out there. I’ve left it behind me months ago. Hell, I’m already working on the next book in the series.

But does distance give a writer some perspective… well, enough perspective to worry about expectations? Nope. Not a damned thing makes that release day any easier.

The point of this post? Actually I very rarely have points. I think I mean to say thank you. Because honestly, if you’re reading this, then I’m hoping you’re waiting for Dirty Secret. And truth? You’re the one I really don’t want to disappoint.

25 thoughts on “Ask me no Questions, I tell you no Lies.

      1. Wanna bet? You’ll see for yourself in about 10 weeks. ::nods::

        People see what they want to see, and some people see things that aren’t there because, for whatever reason, they seem to want to find even the tiniest fault so they can tear a book (and sometimes the author) down and get a squillion likes on Goodreads and Amazon. Those people’s egos feed off the attention, and the people who give that attention feed on the controversy.

        Some people think themselves experts on a variety of things because they read “this one book and that’s not the way the other author said it was”. Piffles. Everybody’s a critic. 😀

        Some people want to sincerely love every book they pick up, while others sincerely hope to hate each book so they can come out with their snark flag flying high and proud because, hey, it’s only a book that some faceless person has poured their blood, sweat, and tears into.

        I dunno how you guys do it, to be perfectly honest. Must be the liquor. ^_^

    1. Snorts. You better be inked by then. Okay I will be. :::winks:::

      I will never publicly tear down a book. It’s just not… right. i can say that a book’s not for me. That’s fair. I can tell you why I had issues with it but unless someone’s stolen someone else’s work, I know there’s always a reader for every book. :::nods:::

      And yes, drinking helps.

  1. Patricia Grayson

    The waiting is the hardest part, sung to some rock tune. “Dirty Secret” is something I’m really anticipating with an assurance that you have given it your best shot. I have faith. I think “Dirty Kiss” had clean lines and a strong story, and the heart of it was the flame in the center : Cole/Jae, wonderfully told in your unique prose. If I can SEE them, that is what it’s all about.

    1. Thank you for your vote of confidence. Really, it means a lot ot me. Please take care of me during this. I shall do my best! Promise!

  2. You might start throwing things at me (hopefully small and light things)

    But I am actually REALLY REALLY happy that you feel this nervous about your books/babies.

    I have known ALOT of authors both ebook and NYT bestsellers who give into the pressure of writing quantity over quality. The only reason they give in is because they lose that level of nervousness that you are describing. They know readers will read there stuff even if its crap, just cause it has their name on the cover.

    To be bluntly – They lose their connection to their Fans and they dont give a shit about their babies/writing.

    So – I look at this post and feel very relieved because YOU care about your writing and I LOVE THAT.

    no sympathy from me hun – I think its awesome that you get tied up in knots over your book *evil grin*

    1. Oh god you should hear me as I write. Seriously, about the 30000 mark I’m all.. fuck this shit. What the fuck was I thinking. Goddamn it something’s not right! Ferret that out! Trust me, I’m always a nervous wreck as I write and then afterward, mostly because of the writing. It’s all about the writing. :::nods:::

  3. Treasure

    I am so looking forward to this book. I liked the snippets you gave us, the stairs and pizza scene, and I’m looking forward to meeting Mad Dog, and more of Neko’s adventures. Like she’s going to have her big girl surgery soon? And Jai will be a wreck for it right? But not want to admit it? See when you create characters that readers remember, and care enough about to imagine their lives that aren’t part of the pages in the book you have been a success. And truly even this book doesn’t work for every fan of Dirty Kiss, it will work for enough, and then it’s on to bigger and better. Much like your favorite groups sophmore album that didn’t quite work but had that great song you can’t get out of your head.

    1. Oh, I’m apparently at comment fail today. ::::Grins:::

      Heh, Neko’s all a big girl. She’s just teeny. A fluffy chinchilla of a cat. :::nods:: And Jae’s always a wreck. Mad Dog has a couple of scenes in the book. There’s a lot of relationship stuff worked into it and hopefully the mystery is tight enough inside of it too. Because you know, I like killing people off. :::grins:::

  4. Treasure

    well as long as you’re killing people, did you want that list alphabetically or numerically?

  5. Alicia

    I am so excited about the new book, I can’t wait for it to come out. I’m sure it’s going to be even better than the first one.

  6. jerome

    I loved Dirty Kiss. I’m looking forward to read this book. I think it’ll be just great, or even greater.

    1. Thank you so much. I really hope you like it. ::::grins::: So far, feedback has been good from Beta Readers so I have my fingers crossed.

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