Big Bang Kind Of Afternoon

It’s a Big Bang kind of afternoon. Writing some. Just added some blue to my hair. Dog’s about to go batshit crazy over the bird in the front yard. You know, normal stuff.

They’re heading to Anaheim in November. We’re waiting for tix to go on sale. Sheesh, hurry it up already. Wanna see these boys live.

The monchichi, Daesung, is missing from this performance but 2NE1 steps in at the end to dance a bit. All in all, pretty decent. And of course, there’s GD. Can’t go wrong with a little blond GD.


Of course, I also have a fondness for the boy when he’s got pink hair too.

4 thoughts on “Big Bang Kind Of Afternoon

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Is G Dragon staying over at the mansion of Barnabas Collins? I just saw “Dark Shadows”. He makes a much better vampire I think than Depp!!!

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