16 thoughts on “Why do I write M/M?

  1. Treasure

    **Sigh** there’s still no story? It’s 104 degrees here in drought land I could really use a story about cool wet rain.

    Here’s a start, and maybe someone will come by and put together a middle and end

    Trev stood at the window watching the rain fall lost in memories. It was raining the first time he and Levi came to gether in public. Well the first time that counted. He’d come off the stage wet with sweat and saw Levi there in Audiance in and ran to hom. While the storm ranged they came together and the audiance cheered them on

    1. Heh… sorry, my brain’s knee deep in writing a chapter so hell, I don’t have words to spare. I don’t even have enough to write a letter to my mother… which she SCOLDED me on ::::laughs:::

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