Trying to write….

But it’s hard when Jax is staring at me from under my laptop desk.


Dog beds all over the house. He’s allowed up on the couch on the blanket but where does he sit? There. Staring up at me from under the table top. I can’t see him but I can feel him breathing on me. Old Man Dog sometimes is just too odd to figure out.

6 thoughts on “Trying to write….

  1. Treasure

    Awww As much as I want to read the further adventures of Cole Jae, and Kai I hope your writing got put on hold while Jax got a play session and a cuddle. It looks like he had a companion off to the left in that picture

    1. Heh. I’m finishing up SInner’s Gin right now and yes, Jax gets many a cuddle. He’s our old man dog. The one on the side is my cairn terrorist. He’s on behaviour modification for fear aggression but oh such a sweet darling dog. Both of them are.

  2. Heh. It’s like how my cats know when I’m really buckling down. “No, pet me NOW!!!” Give your old man (and the terrorist) an ear scratch for me.

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