Back from Korean Music Festival and Dirty Secret

I spent this weekend up in Los Angeles with a bunch of friends in Koreatown.

Oh, and Friday night, I got an email from Dreamspinners Press. They are optioning Dirty Secret and it has entered the editing queue. Scheduled release will be September/October. So…. great fricking weekend!

On Saturday night, we headed up to the Hollywood Bowl for the Korean Music Festival. Lots of bands and singers and fun.

And God, SO MUCH FOOD. And soju.

Life is good. And fun.

Now to finish Sinner’s Gin :::winks::::

15 thoughts on “Back from Korean Music Festival and Dirty Secret

  1. Patricia Grayson

    I am happy for you. And oh the delicious anticipation for your readers…something wonderful awaits in the fall….Dirty Secret!

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