Music while writing.

I listen to a lot of music while I write. Usually it’s Korean or Japanese. Sometimes it’s 2Cellos or blues. Other times, it’s Metallica, Tool or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

I tend towards male singers. One notable exception is Janis Joplin. I also stray towards Nikka Costa and Rising Applachia but I pretty much circle around male vocalists.

Damned if I’m now going to fall into the 2NE1 trap. The group name is “pronounced” Twenty-One. I have no idea why I like them. Could be the to-hell-with-it attitude or the fact that they really do have fun with their music. But well, here’s a sample.

Off to clean up a chapter before moving onto a sex scene. Wish Cole luck.

7 thoughts on “Music while writing.

  1. Patricia Grayson

    2NE1’s main singer looks a tiny bit like you know, G Dragon from Big Bang, and the girls do look like they’re having a “Cyndi Lauper” kind of fun, but G Dragon stole my heart, like the men of “Dirty Kiss”. Keep writing!

  2. Pretty dancy, eh? And there’s a shiny black vehicle and gorgeous (but awfully young) women who, like you say, have attitude. So, did Cole get lucky?

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