Delsyn’s Blues by Lou Sylvre

Delsyn's Blues (Vasquez & James, #2)Delsyn’s Blues by Lou Sylvre
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This is a fantastic follow up to Loving Luki Vasquez. I won’t go into spoiler territory but this book contains a lot more of the characters’ back story and it pretty much is a roller coaster ride of angst, pleasure, joy, anger and oh-my-fucking-god-what-the-hell-is-he-doing-to-me-now emotions.

A lot of this book is about the faith and trust that builds between Luki and Sonny. Yes, there is a crime/drama in this but it’s also about their relationship and the trials/tribulations both men have to go through in order to reach an understanding about the man they love.

Highly recommend this book. Go get it. Why are you still reading this? Go. Shoosh. :::grins:::

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2 thoughts on “Delsyn’s Blues by Lou Sylvre

  1. Patricia Grayson

    You don’t have to tell me, Loved it! More, more! And it’s just great to have discovered Lou’s writing and at almost the same instant, read “Dirty Kiss” and been so amazed at my bountiful good fortune……
    You are bringing back that feral cat, aren’t you?

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