Cross-Whoring Lou Sylvre

I belong to an informal / crazed group of authors. I’m not even sure how we got together or even rather why but I know that we formed some sort of co-op and have been running around like mad things under the moniker The Coffee Unicorns (’cause the Hellfire Club was already taken). I’m not even sure how we got to that name but there it is.

We are just starting a semi-web presence at a Coffee Unicorn blog. I’ll get into that later. But this brings us around to the reason of this post….Lou Sylvre, one of the Coffee Unicorns has another book out.

I love Lou. Dearly, fully and wholly so I’m going to take this space to say… buy this book. Hell, buy the first one too. But most of all, acquaint yourself with Sonny and Luki. They kick ass.

Sonny James and Luki Vasquez are living proof that the course of love never runs smoothly. Ambushed by grief, Sonny listens to a voice singing the blues from beyond the grave. While revisiting the sorrows and failings of his past, in the here and now he puts up a wall against love. Just when Luki chips through that barricade, the couple becomes the target of a new threat from outside: an escalating and unexplainable rash of break-ins and assaults. Thoughts of infidelity rise between them, a threat that may strain their newly mended love past its limits. To come through the trials alive and together, Luki and Sonny will have to unite against enemies who were once friends and overcome crippling hatred and overwhelming fear. If they succeed, maybe then they can rekindle the twin flames of passion and love.

Available on Amazon, Dreamspinner and on Candy Mountain.

Lou can be found at:

5 thoughts on “Cross-Whoring Lou Sylvre

  1. Wow, thank you, Rhys! Thank you lots, and hugs. I do want to say that I have heard reports that Candy Mountain isn’t real, though Amazon and Dreamspinner are for sure. 😉 (P.S.—I really mean the hugs. You’re fabulous.)

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