Last night’s dinner

Some of you probably wonder why I post pictures of food and / or meals. I’d been asked to. :::grins:::

So… last night’s dinner was made with the leftover of our holiday meal of Prime Rib. It was the first prime rib I’d ever made and funnily enough, I was talking on the phone with my mother when I mentioned I was plotting its destruction. She then said; “Oh we had that last night. Let me give you the cooking instructions I got from this woman who got it from somewhere in the 70s. Works great!”

I did mine with kosher salt, cracked black pepper and roasted garlic as a rub.

No Fail Roast Beef (Any size rib roast)

Salt and pepper roast and let stand at room temperature for 1 hour. (Optional: poke holes here and there in the roast and put in little pieces of garlic) Place beef, fat side up, in open roaster (not covered) and put in 350 degrees Fahreinheit oven for 1 hour. Turn off heat but DO NOT OPEN DOOR ANY TIME UNTIL READY TO SERVE. Let sit for a minimum of 1 hour then….cook according to the following below.

For rare beef: 45 minutes before serving turn oven on to 300 degrees

For medium beef: 50 minutes before serving turn oven on to 300 degrees

For medium-well done beef: 55 minutes before serving turn oven to 300 degrees

Notice: Roast can be started in mid-afternoon or earlier. Allow at least 3 hours in the oven to complete cooking.

Here are the leftovers. Prime rib stir fried with onions and green beans with garlic and oyster sauce over calrose rice. Next time, I’ll take a picture of the roast beast.

6 thoughts on “Last night’s dinner

  1. Lisa

    Every time you post something even slightly Hawaiian in ethnicity, my saliva glands go nuts. I miss all the Hawaiian food I grew up with. Kinda how your mouth waters just before you open the bag of Li Hing Mui! OMG!

    1. Heh, would you believe I found my bag of seedless li hing mui in the freezer? I have NO idea how it got there. Out it went.

      Do you shop Asian Grocer or Marukai? Both are online. I have a lot of markets here… including a Marukai store so I can get S&S saimin but they have a lot of local foods you can order.

      1. Lisa

        Absolutely! I’m in Northern CA and there are several asian food markets in the area. I was thrilled to find Redondo’s hot dogs there recently. OMG, talk about reliving your childhood. My parents visit often and bring stuff all the time. Haven’t had S&S saiminin forever. I’m so hungry now!

      2. You can totally get S&S at Marukai. Sadly, for quick char siu bao, I sometimes go to Safeway. We have it there in the freezer section 😀

  2. Patricia

    That’s a keeper…looking at that succulent meal, feel kind of hungry even after Holiday feast.

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