7 thoughts on “Damn it.

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Yes. Old Trekker here. Firefly was very good. There is no sense to TV cancellations. And no matter how old one gets, it still is bittersweet. Just happened to be re-reading “Dirty Kiss” tonight. So eager for the next one!
    And am a guest in a house with three beautiful cats, their individualities make me think of Neko.

    1. Ah, the first bromance… Star Trek. Much love for the old series.

      Firefly was just…unf. Really miss that show.

      Ah, working on Sinner’s Gin then I’m off to Cole and Jae in Dirty Secret. DS is a tentative title but so far, it looks good for that. If I can get off my ass and the reformatting of my laptop works tomorrow, I can get two books out in the first half of next year. ::::grins:::

      Have a good holiday and a splendid new year!

  2. It was due to Fox’s mishandling of Firefly that I swore I wouldn’t watch another one of their shows. Then they got a new Joss project (Dollhouse), dammit! So I had to. Ah, well, paved with good intentions….;)

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