Release the Hounds

I’m against animal testing. And I am so fricking glad to see the happy on these dogs’ faces.

Paraphrased from the site: These beagles have known nothing except the confines of metal cages.  They have known no soft human touch, no warm bed, no companionship, no  love. They have never been outside or sniffed a tree or grass. ARME got  the call that a facility was willing to release them to us after they  had been used in several tests. They were picked up on June 8th and now  they are all in loving foster homes, and one has already been adopted.

2 thoughts on “Release the Hounds

  1. Patricia Grayson

    I love happy endings! Our 12 year old is a rescue dog too…abandoned once and mistreated, now she is trusting and loving. Thanks, Rhys.

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