The REAL Neko.

Neko entered our household at a very strange time. Motlow, our older cat was getting ancient and grumpy and Tam, our “15 lb kitten” was too playful and huge to reasonably be trusted not to break the old man’s bones. The thought was to get Tam a playmate he could tussle with.

Keep in mind that Tam now weighs 22 pounds and while a very sweet natured cat, he wanted to PLAY when he was younger. Notice I don’t use the word smaller. The supposedly year old cat we brought home from the pound was actually only a few months old and grew like we’d irradiated him.

We went to the pound again and there was a very playful black and white cat I thought would do well. My sister saw a puffy small black one and said; I want this one. I was leery. She was quite listless and very light but seemed sweet. From the looks of things she was very young and already been pregnant. Very young. And very small. Keep that it mind. She was sick. Very sick. Lung sick. Like a trip to the emergency room at 3 am sick to get antibiotics that could kill an elephant sick. It was a dire sick but damn it, she pulled through.

And lo, the terror began.

First, we kept hearing a cat screaming in fear/trauma over the next few weeks. We would admonish Tam not to play so rough with his little sister, Koneko-chan. Until the day I caught her pinning him down and literally beating the crap out of him. He, like all older siblings, looked at me as if to say; See? Told you it wasn’t me.

To this day, she terrorizes him when she feels like it.

She is also a Princess. With a capital RINCESS. Attention must be paid. To her scritches. To her belly rubs. At all times when she wants them.

Neko has still been sickly. She has severe allergies and when it’s cold, she tends to be grumpy and squats on blankets. She has particular spots she likes or rather spots that others are using and she wants.

I captured such a moment.

This is Neko discovering her brother Tam (who outweighs her by about 15 lbs) is sleeping on the PRECISE spot she wants to sleep in.

This is Neko telling me to move that fricking COW who has taken up her spot.

Never mind that there is the WHOLE bed to sleep on. It’s a big bed. Lots of comfy feather pillows. A feather top. But that one spot! That is the one Neko wants. NOW!

She is evil. She revels in being evil. She’s not happy unless she’s picking a fight with the other cats, even when she’s loving on them. She carries around crocheted mice as if they were her children and feels no compunction about leading the dog into a corner and smacking him on the face. She loves being scarred across the face and I think she really just wants to be a pirate.

Our little 6 pound terror of fluffy chinchilla menace.

8 thoughts on “The REAL Neko.

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Neko is adorable. And keep her on your side of town! You don’t realize how big a part of the story she was in “Dirty Kiss”, do you? Remove Neko and you have a big gap.

    1. No, I guess I didn’t. She will be remaining in the books as she’s Jae’s little terror. Cole is a bit wary of the little despot but then again, she’s a cat. I promise. She’ll stay a cat 😀

  2. I absolutely love Neko. I just wish I could get her and Boudreau together. They would have such a fine love-hate realationship. And that picture of her be-fanged yowl of umbrage about her brother’s sleeping spot is perfect. Excellent, Neko. Excellent…

    1. That is VERY Neko. She’s now taken up residence on the couch. On a quilt. The WHOLE couch. She needs it for her twee six lb body.

  3. Patricia Grayson

    Give Neko an extra piece of turkey. I’m thankful for reading “Dirty Kiss”
    Thanks, Rhys Ford. (and I think I am going to put Big Bang on my Ipod soon)

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Neko will be getting the liver as that’s her favourite piece. Broiling it right now so it can cool.

      LOVE Big Bang. 😀

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