Blurbs: Dirty Kiss

Part of the process in submitting a piece to a publisher is a blurb. I whole-heartedly admit at sucking at blurbing. How to capture a book in 250 words or less and make the reader WANT the book? Big question. And some people excel at answering it.

Here’s the blurb for Dirty Kiss. It took days to whittle this in and while I’m good with it as it is, it probably could use a bit more punch. Or rum. I’m guessing rum.

Following the shooting death of his lover Rick, former detective Cole Kenjiro McGinnis now spends most of his time as a private investigator taking pictures of cheating spouses and tailing crooked business partners. When his brother, the head of a security firm, asks him to look into the suicide of a prominent Korean businessman’s son, Cole jumps at the chance to do something different. The case comes with the dead man’s cousin, a sexy, standoffish Korean photographer named Kim Jae-Min and a visit to Dorthi Ki Seu, a private club for deeply closeted Korean men and where Jae’s cousin died. The club he can handle but Kim Jae-Min knocks him off his feet and leaves him breathless.

The last thing Jae wants is to give in to the attraction he has for the private investigator. Although half-Japanese, Cole is largely ignorant of Asian culture and doesn’t understand Jae’s conflicted emotions between his familial obligations and his desire for men. But after Cole discovers Jae’s cousin was murdered, and Jae is next on the killer’s hit list, Jae is not only pulled closer to the private investigator for protection but tempted to give in to the desire brewing between them.

So what makes a good blurb? Some part of the description has to hook the reader. In drawing the reader in, you draw in a purchase. Or at least an interest. A bookmark even is good. ^_^

Currently, Dirty Kiss is at Dreamspinner for a look over. It’s the only place it’s at right now since DS requests no simultaneous subs. Hope someone there likes it. ^_^ Or at least, enjoys reading it. I really should plot out the next book but ah, I’ve been on sabbatical from writing for a few. But Cole and Jae wait for no one.

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