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415 Ink:

Ink and Threads

Dirty Freebies:

Half Moon Bay Shorts

Hellsinger File #241 – short story

Kai Gracen shorts:

Mad Lizard Bits These take place prior to Black Dog Blues.

Ryder’s Folly This is a short story featuring Kai Gracen and Ryder as told from Ryder’s POV.

Murder and Mayhem shorts:

This story takes place between Murder and Mayhem and Tramps and Thieves.

Do not pay for this short story. It is free. Thank you.


Sinners Shorts:

Last Call – These are the stories from the Sin and Tonic Tour, celebrating the last book of the Sinners Series.

Here are the stories from the 2018 Holiday Blog Tour.

Tatsu –

It’s a wee bit dark. Even for me. But there be dragons. The file is a PDF.

Tatsu by Rhys Ford