And… the rain is gone…

I woke up to rain this morning and honestly it was awesome. I do so love rain. Sadly, it appears to be gone now. Maybe we’ll get more in a bit.

Today will be spent working on some graphic stuff and doing blog posts for the Silk Dragon Salsa blog tour. I’ll be posting tour dates in a bit. As soon as I do that graphic. It’ll be a Kai story told over seven parts. A serial. I just have to figure out which part of his life I’m going to be digging into.

Oh yes, the sun’s coming out. SOOO blinding. Honestly, I’m a cave serpent. The dog’s supposed to go borking today and I’d grabbed his raincoat but now it’s iffy if he needs it.

Other than that, we’re going on the same treadmill as everyone else here. Wear a mask. Vote. Hydrate. Don’t be an asshole to people. Eat your veggies. Be kind to animals. All of that. 😀

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