Brain Zipper

Just wrote a long post then said, dude… too fucking much. So in a nutshell….
What I’ve noticed in all of this is that I’m getting grumpier and more bitey. So, since that’s really not someplace I want to live, I’m going to make a few final decisions regarding how to deal with others around me and well, how I go forward.
What I need to do is get some happy again. Because that’s been stolen from me. Or rather I’ve let other people steal it from me and continue to do so.
So going forward, I’m going to be reaching for a bit more happy and focus on wording more. Possibly with a bit more chocolate and whiskey. Definitely with more ice cream. I will continue to share things I find interesting and most of all, share authors I find and enjoy reading.
Because that’s another part of being an AUTHOR, it’s discovering stories that enchant and entertain and making sure the people around you know about them!
I’m that one friend with their Brain Zipper that’s down. 😀

6 thoughts on “Brain Zipper

  1. *Hugs*…can’t go wrong with chocolate & ice cream! I will leave you the whiskey because I have just never learn to appreciate the taste of alcohol 🤣

    Whatever you need to keep your inner light shining my friend!
    Also I think at some point we all have zipper issues🤪😘

  2. Judy Stone

    Hugs, Sweetie. Sometimes you just gotta say f*ck it and do what’s best for you! Please take care of yourself– rest, stay hydrated, live in the now and do what makes you happy.
    *Ahem* getting off my soapbox now and slinking back into the corner so I don’t have to people. 🙂

  3. Patricia Cooke

    Hugs to you Rhys, good luck with weeding out the negative and focusing on the positive. We all need to do this at some point in our lives and I know you’ve been through alot lately. Time to focus more on you and what’s good for you.

  4. Glenda Morrison de Kruif

    I believe that you can tell a lot about a person my their writings. Your writing Rhys is warm, friendly and yes dare i say it chilling at times. Your stories are crafted in such a way that is impossible for a mean spirited person. Your characters are flawed in some way BUT there is a common thread of kindness and acceptance and someone who is mean spirited could not In my humble opinion. Your minions are loyal because you are loyal (ie DSP) Your posts are funny, enlightening but never cruel. Keep doing what your doing.

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