My Opinion on Being Called “Purple”…

From Wikipedia: Purple prose is criticized for desaturating the meaning in an author’s text by overusing melodramatic and fanciful descriptions. As there is no precise rule or absolute definition of what constitutes purple prose, deciding if a text, passage, or complete work has fallen victim is a somewhat subjective decision. According to Paul West, “It takes a certain amount of sass to speak up for prose that’s rich, succulent and full of novelty. Purple is [widely seen as] immoral, undemocratic and insincere; at best artsy, at worst the exterminating angel of depravity.”

Subjective? Yes.
Going to change how I write? Probably not. *grins* Not every book is for everyone. And if I am too purple for someone, that’s okay. I’d rather be purple than grey.

15 thoughts on “My Opinion on Being Called “Purple”…

  1. …who called your writing purple?! Sheesh please don’t change your writing! There purple prose is what I call your writing a picture, which I love because with it you can place the reader into whatever is going on with the characters! This is what makes your stories so freaking awesome to read!
    …so screw the purple prose wanker🤬
    You follow your muse & we will follow your stories Rhys!😘

      1. Dude I need all the coffee.

        I get that once in a while. Someone just emailed me to “blast” me about it. I’m like… dude….

  2. Purple prose is boring, over the top and wordy. Everything your writing is NOT. Your writing is colorful, no fear there, but it’s fun and exciting colorful. Please keep doing it!

  3. 😶They emailed you about this?!
    I fall back on my standard ‘people are freaking weird!’ …it answers so much in all of those WTF moments.
    Constructive criticism is one thing but what amounts to a personal attack is over the top & shows they are the ones with issues. *Hugs* you always seem to take it in stride & handle it with a gentle touch. Anywho….remember for every purple prose type bashed out there, there are more who know your awesomeness.
    I will stop muttering now.😇

  4. I’ve read a lot of your books. There is no purple in them. I am a fellow writer and also an ex-English teacher and I am speaking from knowledge and experience! I love your writing. I hate purple prose, even though actually, purple is one of my favourite colours. Keep writing just the way you do – exciting plots, characters (including the minor ones) who make their way into our hearts, and pithy descriptions that are the very antithesis of purple prose!

  5. Claire

    I see you as a lovely indigo-violet. Savior is excellent…I downloaded it the other day and have read it 3 times.

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