The hardest thing is waiting.

I’ve got some funky health things going on and I won’t talk to the next doc until Tuesday.

Now, I’m by nature a worrier and I can stress like no one else. Anxiety attacks? Not a problem, I’ve got all flavours.

But man, waiting tires you out, even if you know for pretty certain that it’s something fixable. Because…suppose it isn’t?

So, lots of water… no rockets in my salad… and walk around the building a couple of times when I’m feeling squirrely in the head.

And write. That’s hard to do when your brain’s running into walls. But damn it, I’m going to get this book done!

12 thoughts on “The hardest thing is waiting.

  1. I hope the doctor tells you it is definitely something fixable and you’re feeling better soon! Sending all the good vibes your way! Take care Rhys!

  2. *Hugs*
    Being stuck on your very own mental merry-go-round is exhausting! I wish I had something to offer as a distraction..but ya know I got nuthin😖
    Sending you love & positivity😘

  3. Sadonna

    <3 Hugs and smooches. One day at a time. Walking actually does help with some of the tension. Keeping busy is the best thing right now.

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