So I ended up having to run Yoshi (Writer’s Cat) down to the vet this afternoon. Signs point to a bad tooth which God knows how long she’s had that because she stoic AF. But because of her age, bloodwork is done and she was a bit dehydrated so they camel-backed her. Came home, she ate her dinner then promptly went to go see what the dog was served.

That’s just how she is.

We’ve had a cat with a thyroid problem. He was a lot older and well, feral down to the bone but he loved me. She reminds me a lot of him. Except she does have better manners.

Yoshi always comes to me when she doesn’t feel well. Which is heartening but also heart-breaking because oftentimes, the only thing I can do is bundle her up and take her to the vet.

She NEVER goes outside. Outside terrifies her and through the whole experience, I console and comfort her, scritching her head as I drive and talking to her. She’s a very good cat.

Okay, she’s very good at being a cat. But she’s a great companion. Hopefully there’s nothing seriously wrong and it’s something the dental procedure can take care of. But, that’s a part of being an animal’s … friend. Not going to say owner because no one owns a cat.

So wish Yoshiko luck for good bloodwork and a speedy recover from her procedure on Tuesday. And with any luck, she’ll stop hissing at Harley. I’d say maybe the tooth makes her grumpy but well, she’s always been grumpy.

Join Rhys Ford, Greg Tremblay, and Derrick McClain on March 23rd for Rainbow Gold Reviews Author & Narrator Live Event!

Join Rhys Ford, Greg Tremblay, & Derrick McClain on March 23rd for Rainbow Gold Reviews Author & Narrator Live Event!

3.23 • 1 pm EST / 10 am PST : Rhys Ford with Derrick McClain

3.23 • 2 pm EST / 11 am PST : Rhys Ford with Greg Tremblay

* All live events will take place on the RGR Facebook page and be made available for viewing following each event in case you miss them!

Schedule of the RGR Author / Narrator Live Events

March 22nd

5 pm EST / 2 pm PST : K-lee Klein with Nick J. Russo

6 pm EST / 3 pm PST : Victoria Sue with Joel Leslie Froomkin

7 pm EST / 4 pm PST : N.R. Walker with Joel Leslie Froomkin

8 pm EST / 5 pm PST : F.E. Feeley with Vance Bastian

9 pm EST / 6 pm PST: Angel Martinez with Vance Bastian

10 pm EST / 7 pm PST : Amy Lane with Nick J. Russo


March 23rd

1 pm EST / 10 am PST : Rhys Ford with Derrick McClain

2 pm EST / 11 am PST : Rhys Ford with Greg Tremblay

3 pm EST / 12 pm PST : Annabeth Albert with Greg Tremblay

4 pm EST / 1 pm PST : Felice Stevens with Kale Williams and Christina Lee

5 pm EST / 2 pm PST : TBA




So I’m a little darker… and use chopsticks.

There’s been a bit of a rumble about POC characters and their portrayals on covers. I’ve heard it said that books with POC characters on the covers don’t sell. Mind you, I’ve seen no data to back that up so I can’t speak to its reality. I’ve had authors come to me and say, “I’ve been told this. This has happened to me.” And that makes it a very real problem.

Now, I can tell you from my experience I’ve never had a push back from my publisher, Dreamspinner Press, about have a POC character on the covers or in the books. If anything, I’ve not gotten so much as a blink from the company about the ethnic makeup of my characters and have only been encouraged to write well and go where the story takes me. I have had to educate a few of my editors on Hawaiian, Japanese and a few other things but that’s par for the course (and hey, they’re trying to be sensitive to cultural norms). I’ve also had to establish we say “the” in front of the freeway numbers in California and carne asada fries are actually a thing. So it’s a working cultural exploration sometimes for them… as well as my narrators who probably know more about bao and saimin than anyone really needs to.

I come from a multi-cultural background. I have Irish and Portuguese influences as much as I do Asian and Hawaiian. I do not choose to be one race because I am all of those combined. I have all of those cultural influences and a few others from growing up in a family with a diverse ethnic makeup. I write what is around me and what is around me is a full spectrum of white, peach, beige, brown and gold.

All of that being said, the very IDEA — much less PRACTICE — of suppressing the voices of a POC authors, POC characters and their portrayals on the book covers enrages me. I will stand with any author who gets that kind of dismissal from a publisher or a reader. It is not a “white-wash*” or even an erasure. It is a denial of existence. It is a shunning of people who exist outside of a small slice of the world’s vibrant landscape of people.

A rainbow cannot exist without all of the colours and neither can we.


* I dislike this phrase for a variety of reasons but I understand its common use. I imagine this goes hand in hand with brown-washing a character, writing a POC character without exploring or accurately depicting their cultural influences. But that’s all another discussion.


Been hardcore sick this past week. To the point where I went into Urgent Care and had a six hour long day of waiting. Very nice people but man, all the waiting.

I’m going to try to get back on track and well, I’ve got to get a bunch of projects done, including Savior. Which should be soon. SOOOO close.

Just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten about you and I so appreciate all of your support. You guys rock.

Tramps and Thieves is a 2017 LAMBDA Finalist!

I am very honoured that Tramps and Thieves has been announced as a LAMBDA award finalist for Gay Mystery and I am beyond thrilled to share the that honour with fabulous authors like Michael Nava, Kim Fielding, Carroll S Poe and the others!

It’s great to be considered and I can’t thank you all enough for your support!

AND…. from DSP:

Dreamspinner Press and DSP Publications are proud to have three titles as Lambda Literary Finalists and to celebrate they are 35% off.

Tramps and Thieves
Love Is Heartless
The Mystery of the Curiosities at DSP Publications

If you need the series these finalists are a part of, Murder and Mayhem, Love Can’t, and Snow & Winter are included in the 35% off sale.

WHERE? Dreamspinner Press & DSP Publications
WHEN? March 06, 2018 – 10:00 AM Eastern To March 09, 2018 – 11:59 PM Eastern