13 thoughts on “Release the Screaming Camel….

  1. tweetybyrd

    Can’t wait. Am hoarding “Tramps and Thieves” until I have several uninterrupted hours to read in from start to finish. 👅

  2. Kossiwa B

    I’ve been waiting for the next installment of the Sinners series FOREVER. I am sorry to read that you are writing one last book about Kane and Mikki. I wish you would reconsider that decision. They are great characters full of passion as well as flaws and I would like to read more about them (I have the whole series)
    I guess as a writer you sometimes feel as if you have come to either a fork in the road with certain stories and characters or the end of the road. Maybe after the epilogue of the Sinners series, when you’ve written about other memorable personalities, you will feel the urge to revisit Kane, Mikki, Damien, Connor, Forrest and the rest of the gang. At least I hope so!
    Thank you for the great story lines and plots and twists and turns. I’ve enjoyed the ride.

    1. It is time for Miki and Kane to get an HEA of their own 😀 And I’d planned to have it end on that note. 😀 They’re great to write… and really so much fun. And I’m glad they’ve kept you company!

  3. TAKE MY MONEY DAMN IT!!!!! *slides over credit card*
    I’m so happy and sad at the same time. I just went back and read the four books all over again this week and I still sniffled like a baby just like the first time. I’m excited and like many have said before. Thank you for taking us along the Sinner series.

      1. I need to save some so I can binge the rest of the journey. I think my sisters hate me whenever I read in front of her. I’d grin and laugh like a maniac then sniffle the next. What did you do to meeee?! I love the Morgan way too much. *sigh* Can I kidnap them?

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