Sin and Tonic

So, I’ve spent the day plotting out Sin and Tonic. I started at about 10 AM and it is now 2:30 PM. I am only on chapter 18. I’ve stopped to do minor things like make sure the cat had his meds and that the dog’s eardrops were applied but for the most part, it is been spent on the book.

This is possibly the most detailed plot that I have done ever. I feel like this book requires it. Normally I just do a chapter number and a brief few lines telling me what scene needs to happen or what is the take away but this time I’m actually going scene by scene. Which I haven’t done since Black Dog Blues. It is kind of crazy to work like this. It doesn’t leave a lot of room to wiggle plot around but I think especially for this novel, it needs to be as tight as possible.

I will be writing some of this in Hawai’i, California, and if I don’t finish it earlier, probably on the road trip to GRL and while I am in Denver. So in a lot of ways, I am going to be on a road trip while writing about the band. That’s kind of ironic and in some ways, poetic. Because it mirrors the journey that I’ve taken. I started off in Hawai’i, eventually moved to California where I began to write about Cole as well as Miki and the boys, which led me to being published and attending GRL as an author. I have made a lot of friends along the way, met a lot of wonderful people, and had my life changed so tremendously on that journey. I hope all of you will be with me as we go through the final stretch.

It is difficult to be saying goodbye to Miki and Kane. Trust me I know that. It is going to hurt when I write those final twenty songs because I know that it will truly be the end. And while I don’t know if I’m ready to write that, I know I have to. The time is come. The time has truly come to write that sunset.

I’m not to say that it’s bittersweet because it really is not. It’s kind of cathartic, because Miki begins to heal. No, not just heal — he begins to thrive. And really is the point of the series. We started with Miki and Kane, so we’re going to end with Miki and Kane. I’m really looking forward to writing their happily ever after.

8 thoughts on “Sin and Tonic

  1. Kendra Patterson

    I love everything about this post. I first found you on Amazon August 30, 2014. I bought the first 4 Cole McGinnis books and loved every page. I found your Sinner’s series February 25, 2015 and bought the first 4 books. I have loved reading your work. I recently bought the 2 Kai books and the 2 Hellsinger books (they are on my TBR list). I like your style of writing and will definitely keep buying and reading. I’ve always wondered why you moved away from your family in Hawaii to CA (if it’s too personal I understand). My sons and I are thinking of moving away from OK and are considering our options. 😀

    1. Ah, simply put… I don’t fit. I didn’t fit. And that’s okay. I needed… something else. 😀 So I moved.

      And thank you for being with me. I truly appreciate it 😀

  2. I’ve said this before and I will say it again now. I’m going to bawl like a baby reading Sin and Tonic because Miki found his happiness and will be closing the door to his past forever. I’d like to say thank you first to Rhys Ford & Tristan James for writing and bringing life into these books. I love and love some more each time I read/listen the series. I’m excited to with Miki & Kane to this last stretch of road to their happiness. Thank you! Always your #1 fan!

  3. I’m glad it’s coming full circle and ending eit Miki and Kane, but I’d be lying if I said I won’t miss them or the Morgan clan. Every time I hear Hyde sing I think of Miki, I can’t help it. Not the face just the voice, the way you described his voice. Like that voice, these books resonated with me and I think I too will probably cry when I finish this one, and that’s ok.

  4. Margaret

    Looking forward to this, tears to my eyes at the thought this will be the last. I have reread this series many times & loved meeting up with Kane & Con in Mary Calmes ‘Tied up in Knots’.

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