7938141492_9e975fbecb_oMany of us have the dirt of other lands on our feet from when and where we’ve come from. I speak as a Native Hawaiian, an Asian, a Caucasian with some dabs of stuff we’re kind of iffy on where exactly.

I am the friend of people who are one ethnicity and of those with many, some more than mine.

I’ve eaten the foods of many a people, some I’ve liked and others I have not. I have eaten the foods of my own people, some I’ve liked and others I’d sooner scrape my tongue raw than eat again.

America is at its best a nation of people. At its worst, it is a nation of people.

We are all shades from pink, ivory, yellow, brown and hints of green… my apologies to my youngest sister for dyeing her skin with food colouring one Halloween because she wanted to be the Hulk and my mother left us unattended with access to a snorkel, a bathtub, food colouring and a gallon of white vinegar.

We speak many languages and even if we speak the same language we struggle to understand one another. And sometimes we even give up trying to understand one another. We shouldn’t. But we do.

We love cats. Or dogs. Or both. Some of us have children. Others cannot even imagine having a goldfish. We drink coffee or tea and sometimes hot chocolate. Some like juice and others love milk. Some do not turn on the lights after Friday’s dusk and others have an altar where a knife stands for fire and a wand is for air.

We’re all different. We’re all the same.

Tomorrow, perhaps say hello to someone you do not know. Smile and nod at a stranger. Hold the door. Or let someone into the lane you’re driving in. Don’t yell at the kid crossing your lawn. Perhaps understand the person in front of you in the line to get coffee might be struggling to keep themselves together.

Remember that perhaps you are the happiest person in the room or maybe one day you won’t be the saddest.

Listen to music you love. Take a deep breath of a scent that reminds you of someplace you think of as home.

Carry yourself across the threshold. Marry your own soul. Love your own heart. Do not be ashamed of your tears.

But most of all, don’t forget how to laugh. For God’s sake, breathe for just a moment and don’t let your mouth forget how to smile.

12 thoughts on “Remember…

  1. 😊
    It’s so damn easy to get lost in our heads & forget all about the beauty of different perspectives, that whatever clutters our hearts or thoughts that if we just look up maybe we will find a moment to take that deep breath & step back.
    Thank you for being one of the lights that helps us pull out of the jumble. Thank you for reminding us to smile because it’s so easy to forget in the moment!

  2. Marilyn Adam

    Yeah, think I did forget how to smile but you made me feel better. I will be nice today thanks to your so true words.

  3. Hugs, Rhys. Ditto what other folks have said. You’ve made my day and I shared this on FB. I’m not as eloquent as you, but hopefully those that need to see your blog will feel the love and kindness. Maybe even be a little more compassionate and kind to the people they encounter.

  4. Elorie

    The news these days makes me sadder than angry. At some times I am just bewildered that people can be so indifferent to the plight of others. Surely we have enough to share with those whose lives are at risk.
    I have trouble remembering to smile, I admit it. I feel helpless to help others.(physically not able. My spirit is with them but I can only cheer those on who are able)
    I adore the diversity of our immigrants (past and present, which includes me, an amalgam of many nationalities) I don’t want to fight any more but standing up for our rights and human rights is a moral imperative.

  5. Rachael

    Thank you for the continuing words of inclusion and encouragement. These days are crazy, stressful and just plain weird.

  6. Elorie

    We must support each other no matter what the upcoming days bring. We can only hope that right and justice will succeed and that we do what we can to make it happen,
    Thank you, Rhys, for reminding us of other things than our anger and astonishment that such things could happen here.

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