Happy New Year! Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Today is the beginning of the Year of the Rooster and I am visiting Greg Tremblay in Ithaca, New York. It’s a milestone birthday for him and well, there’s snow. A lot of snow. But it’s falling gently and right now, it’s lovely. I have no intention of going outside in it until later but it’s pretty.

Wanted to wish you all a very happy New Year! May you enjoy health, wealth and happiness.

Chinese New Year Ornaments--Traditional Dancing Dragon
Chinese New Year Ornaments–Traditional Dancing Dragon

Today. And the Steps We All Will Take.

cat-564202_1280For those marching today, be safe and be strong.

For those not marching today, be safe and be strong.

I will have the same message for anyone I come across. I want the best for you. For us. For our children. For our parents. For our grandparents.

I won’t judge you for what you call God. I won’t judge you if you don’t have a God.

I don’t care what shade your skin is. I don’t care if you are darker or lighter than I am… which is about the colour of a vanilla latte without foam.

I won’t judge you for the gender you are or the one(s) you fall in love with.

I don’t care if you drink coffee or tea but I will admit to giving you the side eye if you put milk into the mug before your tea unless of course you’re drinking from bone china.

What I do care about is your life. I would like everyone to have the opportunity to learn all they want to learn and to experience as much as they want to experience. I’d like people to try new things and I’d like people to say it’s okay if their friend tries a new thing and doesn’t like it.

What I do care about is you. And I will defend your right to be all of these things, do all of these things, because there are people actively working to make you less than who you are, who you can be, who you want to be.

Our lives should be about the freedom to explore our humanity and to celebrate it as we gather up the seconds and minutes, the sunrises and sunsets, we have available to us.

Our world is about balance. Our lives are about balance. If someone tries to tip that balance…tries to take away our freedom to love, to worship, to exist as a person.. then yes, we need to stand together and say No, I Care.

So be safe, be strong, be happy… but most of all… be.

Curious Stuff Indeed

As I’m slogging down the hallway to the end of this book, I sometimes take some time out to breathe my brain out. Okay I do this in every book, not going to lie.

One of the sites I tend to hit up every other day or so is ListVerse. I love the tidbits of weird and lists are often a fantastic thing. I have no idea why. Just roll with it. I’m easily amused if someone tosses trivia at me.

So, I encourage you to head to ListVerse and see what’s there. I often fall down the rabbit hole…which is a horrible thing I avoid doing while writing. Horrible. *nods* (In case my editor is reading this)


So Close To A Screaming Camel

I hope to post the screaming camel of happiness sometime this week. Who would have thought I’d be so happen to see a yodeling camel?

Spring has hit San Diego. Well sort of Spring-Winter in that we get rain and then some hot days and then some cold days and then more rain. We certainly need it.

I’ll be finalizing out the London and Paris trip in March. There’s going to be a London meetup, probably near Kings Cross… okay not probably. RIGHT near Kings Cross so it’ll be easy for people to find. That date will be March 22nd and it’ll be in the early evening. Probably around 6:30 or 7. TA Moore and I will both be there as well as a few readers. If you’d like to come, please RSVP when the announcement goes out.

Then off to Paris. Much fun! *grins*

That’s pretty much my focus for the time being. That and books. What’s going on with everyone else? I’m hoping to get Dim Sum Asylum wrapped up so I can start Tramps and Thieves. Going to love writing Rook and Dante again.