All Romance ebooks Closure and What Next?

Please note: ARe is closing down effective Dec 31. Download everything you’ve purchased and please know your preorders (which you have paid for) will not be delivered to you. Dreamspinner will honour your purchase with the following caveat of you providing your ARe receipt for the book.

If you have pre-ordered Jordan L. Hawk‘s upcoming novel, please reach out to her and she will make arrangements with you. Jordan’s contact form on her blog can be found here.

I am…angered by the treatment of the community by this publishing and distribution house and I urge all of you to please seek a resolution to your business with them that suits your needs. I cannot give you legal or financial advice but please know, our entire community is affected by this in some way so everyone of course will have a say in what they think should be done.

Please be patient with authors and publishers as they try to resolve this issue for their books. Reach out if you have any questions but most of all, please remember this matter has yet to be fully resolved.

Dreamspinner Press’ Official Announcement (28 Dec 2016)
Announcement in response to All Romance eBook closure notice: If readers pre-ordered Dreamspinner titles on ARe then you will not be able to download them upon release. If rumors are true, ARe will also not refund pre-orders. Therefore, Dreamspinner offers to fulfill readers’ pre-paid Dreamspinner pre-orders from ARe. You need to forward the ARe receipt to contactATdreamspinnerpressDOTcom and the customer service department will be sure you receive the eBook at no additional cost to you. Thank you.


How is everyone doing? I imagine we’re all taking a bit of time with family during these past couple of weeks. I am nose deep into words and well, planning to slog off into the wilderness of Lexington on Monday.

I’m working on finishing up Dim Sum and then I’ll roll into Murder 2 or Hellsinger 3. Both of them are quite alluring. After that, we’ll be saying goodbye to the Sinners boys as I start the final book.

Now, that might all change but that’s kind of what I’m looking at.

Oh… and I’ll be doing a cover reveal and blurb release on The Novel Approach for “There’s This Guy” which is coming out in March. A contemporary. Ish. I know. We’ll talk.

Isn’t this a great picture?



Not much is going on. It’s a bit nippy here in SoCal… yes, I know… it’s colder elsewhere but nippy here means going from mid-thirties in the dead of the morning to high-60s in a few hours. It’s like you’ve got to dress for the beach under a heavy coat.

Nothing much is going on. Just writing. And well writing.

If you’re in or near Lexington, Kentucky, please join Mary Calmes and I for coffee on the 29th. We’ve got a few people coming already but the more the merrier.